About Polaris Rentals

Lee GillettHi – I am Lee Gillett and I created PolarisRentals.com back in 2006.

PolarisRentals.com is dedicated to helping you find an apartment, townhouse or villa to rent for a holiday on one of the fantastic Polaris World resorts in Murcia, Spain (Hacienda Riquelme, La Torre, Mar Menor, El Valle and Condado de Alhama). We also now feature golf holiday homes avaibale for rent in other great golfing areas in Spain.

From this website you can quickly find a property to rent and easily contact the property owners directly.

We are also dedicated to helping golf holiday property owners rent out their apartment, villa or other golf holiday property.

Note To Golf Holiday Home Property Owners:

We only advertise golf holiday homes available for rent in Spain so if you have an apartment, townhouse or villa on any of the Polaris World resorts or elsewhere in Spain that you would like to rent out, then your property should feature within this website – click here for the details!

You may already be advertising your property on other rental websites, which are probably more expensive and almost definitely less effective, but the more places you advertise your property the more enquiries you will get. All enquiries generated from this website go directly to you via email straight from the enquirer and we take no commission on rentals made through this website.

To add your property to our website simply click here. I look forward to working with you to help you to achieve you rental ambitions.

Home Page Action!

Every property featured within the website spends time on the initial home page listings when the website is accessed. And sometimes it is first on the list!

This is how it works: every time the home page is accessed by a different computer/browser 20 different properties are shown on the home page in random order until every property listed within the website has been shown on the home page, and then it goes through the whole cycle again and again.

We also have the same rotational system operating when a website user clicks directly onto or searches a resort, which means every property is guaranteed the same exposure. We think this is the fairest solution for every property owner and leads to increased enquiries for everybody.

How We Promote PolarisRentals.com

PolarisRentals.com is promoted through a combination of search engine optimisation, and targeted “paid for” advertising on other websites with a similar theme. By focusing our promotional effort primarily on search engines and keywords we can ensure that visitors to our site are highly “qualified” and are genuinely looking to rent a property on a Polaris World resort.

However, We also engage in “offline” promotional activities having recently committed to a year run of adverts promoting the website in golf magazines in the UK.